Welcome Canadian DJs to Canada’s newest on-line resource portal. CAPE was formed to provide essential elements for the everyday working DJ; YOU.

Our approach is straight forward with vital information at your fingertips to help you be a more informed and educated DJ. As we develop into a strong community, we will endeavour to develop more programs and resources for you right here online. Unlike Associations, CAPE is not built around benefits or requirements steeped in rules and bylaws. CAPE is a COMMUNITY. You come in, take what you need and maybe leave behind something someone else can use. You literally come and go as you please. Kind of like Home!

What DO We Offer? More than ever, the need for affordable access to licensing is in high demand and you can count on us to provide you this essential business tool for less than you thought possible.

If you need AVLA licenses, you can buy them here and they are sent to your address straight from the AVLA.